This little book, Cleared for Landing: On Living a Christian Life, is intended not to teach one how to fly and land a plane, but how to live successfully as a Christian.

Like flying (see Preface and Introduction), it takes a lot of practice. The more you practice, the better you become at anything, from doing cardiac surgery to being a good blogger! It’s no different in Christianity. There are rewards and privileges to claim once you accept Jesus Christ, but you have to practice your faith, read Scripture, claim the promises, and you will lead a full and rich life, each day getting better.

So, enjoy the book. Read a little bit each day, just as I do Scripture. Savor it, put it to work in your life.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Theresa Linton Newton Says:

    Please send me the free booklet on Living The Christian Life. My address is 20225 N W 32 Avenue, Miami Gardens, Florida 33056

  2. laclayton Says:

    The first four chapters are listed in the column on the right and are downloadable, and no password required, so they are free. I’ll be uploading the other chapters on about a weekly basis through the summer and you can download them as well as they are posted to the blog. Or, you can navigate to the last item on the column on the right above that says BUY THE BOOK and can buy a copy of the book from several online dealers that are linked to that BUY THE BOOK link.
    So, the book is free, although only four chapters posted to date. You can wait for the remainder of the chapters to be posted or buy the book already published.
    Hope you enjoy it!
    L. Anthony Clayton

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